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  1. Hi Lucas,
    I would likt to thank you for the great job you are doing. A few years ago I was in a very bad plane crash. I had been flying twin engine Lazairs for over 20 years with a great safety record. A few years ago something went wrong and I passed out and piled in at full power.
    I was in hospitials for months. Rehab took many more months. Now Iam foing much better but Drs and wife said no more flying. Iam trying to get into rc but do not have a lot of flying room to fly in.
    Or a big budget as such I would really like to build your$ 50 budget mini swapple plane.
    Is there some way I might be able to get the plans from you and get back in the air. Some day would like to fly fpv to recall the good old days.thanks for your help..
    Sincerly L arry nign

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that. I want to get my pilots license, myself but RC is a lot cheaper and a lot less dangerous. Did the crash affect any of the muscles or nerves in your hands? It would be hard to fly if that was the case. Anyway, the mini $50 plane is still in the works, I’m waiting on the more improved parts list to come in from HobbyKing and putting my designs in the computer. Plus Im going to be moving channels soon so not a lot of time for it. If you want to get up in the air right now and don’t want to build the Maker Trainer (which I understand) then I will point you to FliteTest. They have a plane called the FT flyer which sounds perfect for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrnL1q1TBMQ This is where I got the idea for the $50 plane. Hope this helps!


  3. Hi Lucas
    Thanks for getting back to me. My hands are ok just have a broken little finger. I have a very small place to fly in and I really like the looks and the way the little $ 50 plane flys. I just build a f22 after watching Flite test video. The f22 is just too fast for my small space. I can across your build and the way it fly and how it will handle my small space I have to learn in.

    How soon will plans be available ?
    Some FPV vids are just like flying all is missing is being bumped around in your seat.

    Thanks for all your help.
    I cannot have a very big plane for now till I can get to a bigger field. Sincerely Larry Nign

  4. Hi Lucas,

    I have been flying for a little while, but I would really like to get into a park-sized scratch build to start off with. Do you know when you will have the plans up for this becuase this is a really good size for the indoor flying area I fly at. Thanks.

  5. It’s been a while since your ” airplane for $50″ video and have been waiting to see your “mini swappable” plans. I’ve been building rc aircraft for some time and I’ve been looking for something like this to build some planes around. If you could sned me the plans for the motor and electronics pod, I’m sure that no too far down the road, I’d have a couple of different planes to add to your website. Let me know, even a dimensioned
    drawing would be great. Thanks


  6. Hey Lucas! Just wondering like everyone else here if you have ever released the plans for your mini swapables? I know you have been working hard on your ‘make’ series but would still love to see the plans for your minis become available. I have a night vapor myself and love it but would love to have a foam version for banging around. Take care and thanks in advance!

  7. Actually just got thinking.. All we really need is some rough measurements (as there are plenty of build videos out there). If that helps to get something out there just throw together a quick jpg with some measurements!! Thanks again

  8. Hi lucas
    I am a rc plane bilder and my 8year old little brother wants to learn how to fly and rc plane and I was thinking that this would be perfect.He has been begging me to build him an rc plane and I want to build him this one but there are no plans or parts lists out for it ,I would love to see some plans out so I can build him somthing. thanks for the plans in advance! : )

  9. I’ve been saying this for a while but finally the plans will be here soon. The video for the improved planes will be out right before christmas when I get a break from my college classes. Just keep an eye out.

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