KFairfoil Test Plane – Build log (Part 1)

A little while ago I did an interview with Dick Kline. There I told everyone about the project I was going to do, which was to test the KF airfoils and compare them to a traditional airfoil (an Armin wing). So lets start building!

First, I cut out the wing sections from sheets of dollar tree foam. Then I glued them together, and then I formed the Armin wing, thanks Ed  from Experimental Airlines for the awesome design!

Then I took the wing sections to my band saw to cut a perfect 8° angle in the wing tips.

So they can be put together like this. This slight sweep should improve efficiency, and since all the wings have it, the sweep won’t effect the flight results from wing to wing.

While I had the band saw out, I also cut the bevel for the leading edge…

and then I sanded it to a curve and made it smooth.

 Then I glued the wings together and cut out the ailerons.

Now for some custom graphics! My dad (Kent Weakley) printed these out for me on his awesome printer!

Putting them on was very simple, they are just like giant stickers.

They look awesome!

And there they are! They came out very well, but they aren’t finished. The servos and linkages still have to be installed, and the fuselage still has to be made.

More to come…

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3 thoughts on “KFairfoil Test Plane – Build log (Part 1)

  1. Lucas…

    They look terrific. This will be an interesting test between a true airfoil and an untrue airfoil. LOL

    ~ Dick

  2. Hello Lucas,
    As you used such a design for the MakerTrainer II, have you concluded these tests? Any interesting results?

  3. LUCAS…did you ever get this testing done? Hope that you are doing well.

    ~ Dick

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