KFPV450 Build (Part 1)

Here’s a new plane that I have been working on, its called the KFPV450 because it is going to have a KFm4 airfoil, will fly FPV and has a 50 inch wingspan. The design is by me, and is roughly based off of the ZII. 

Here you can see the step more clearly.

The reason I don’t have the two steps is because, I ran out of foam, haha!

Above you can see the cut out being compared to my FPV40. The KFPV450 has a 15 inch root cord and a 8 inch tip cord (without the control surfaces) with a 15 inch sweep. This plane s going to be massive, and awesome! Stay tuned for more updates.

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One thought on “KFPV450 Build (Part 1)

  1. Que tal, mire tus videos acerca del FPV40 estoy fabricando uno, pero la parte del radio control no se como hacerlo, tengo el RX y TX, 2 servos, mas no se como controlar los alerones. Pense que tu podrias ayudarme.

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