Tricopter Floats

Over the summer, when my family was getting ready to go to Key West, I knew I was going to bring my tricopter and I would be flying over water. I didn’t want my precious tricopter to sink if I were to crash over water, so I made these. 

The floats are just pool noodles cut to length and zip-tied to the arms of my tricopter.

Two zip-ties hold one float on. This gives each float stability, while still being able to fold out of the way in crashes and for transportation.

The back arm has a red pool noodle for orientation. I ended up keeping these on for the rest of the summer and for the Palm Coast trip. I never intended these to allow me to do water landings, since they don’t have that much floatation, and if I hit the water to hard everything would get wet anyway, like at Palm Coast. Instead, I wanted them to prevent the tricopter from sinking, so that I could recover the GoPro, which costs more than my tricopter. The tricopter is a bit more sluggish with the floats on, so I don’t recommend them for day to day FPV flying but if you are a beginner, these landing gear will never break!

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