In my schools engineering program, called EMIT, we have activities called TLA’s (thematic learning activities). These TLA’s teach us to work in teams and also gives us helpful skills for the future. We have had to design and build bear-proof trash cans, drop supplies for third world countries from RC planes, build scale models of iconic landmarks, and (this year) we had to build a 6ft cubed castle to play a life sized version of the game Risk. After the presentations of the castles, I asked my teacher if I could bring my tricopter for the games on the next day, he thought it would be great. So, I brought my tricopter and got some very interesting shots of the castles on our school’s football practice field.¬†This is the first time I brought my tricopter to somewhere other than my yard to fly FPV and it was very successful. I hope you like the video and watch out for more upcoming videos.


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