Tricopter V2.5 Build (Part 2/3)


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Parts List:

  • Excel  or Numbers
  • Everything not in the lists, I found at local stores and are easy to find like the hardware for the frame was found at my local hobby shop, velcro and double side tape was found at Walmart, the wood for the arms was laying around in my garage. I left out the connectors because everyone seems to have a preference on that. These are all the parts to get it to fly, this in not including a Tx and Rx, a camera, or an FPV system.






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8 thoughts on “Tricopter V2.5 Build (Part 2/3)

  1. Hi. I watched your 3 part build videos on youtube. they are great. I appreciate the level of detail you went into. I was wondering if you had a full parts list for building your tricopter. Could you also give me recommendations for a controller. And do you have info on your fpv setup? HOw much does it cost to build a tricopter, a remote, and fpv setup? Sorry for all the questions. I am new to tricopters and I do not have any friends to ask for info. And the info online that I have found is not very detailed. Thanks again for your videos. take care. eric.

  2. The parts list is up, with prices. My fpv system can be found here I don’t know the total everything, sorry. I use a Spectrum DX6i and it works great especially if you are going to do more in the hobby. Thanks for the compliments!

  3. What are the dimensions of the wood arms?
    Im trying to get everything together, can’t wait to get this thing in the air!

  4. That depends on the body design but the center of each motor should be 20″ from the center of the body.

  5. want to build the frame with scrap. what kind would be best?
    how much at least can i spend to build a tricopter with a video camera.

  6. RCExplorer’s frame is the best and simplest, here is a link: and It cost me about $1000 USD.

  7. Why do you program your esc’s to NI-XX when using a Lipo? Shouldn’t they be on LI-XX?


    ps-an amazingly helpful video great work!

  8. Setting it to NiCad will prevent the ESC from cutting out at a low voltage, so the tricopter doesn’t fall out of the sky when your battery runs low. Thank you very much, I appreciate that.

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