BusyBee TV – KK2 Update/Review


KK2 board

USBasp programmer

KKMulticopter Flash Tool

V1.1 Changes

My Setting:


  • P gain – 25
  • P limit – 100
  • I gain – 15
  •  I limit – 20


  • P gain – 25
  • P limit – 100
  • I gain – 15
  • I limit – 20


  • P gain – 30
  • P limit – 20
  • I gain – 100
  • I limit – 10

Servo Filter – 70

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13 thoughts on “BusyBee TV – KK2 Update/Review

  1. Thanks, really helpful description, especially since I’m on a Mac and all the USBasp programming links I found were for PC’s! So I’m glad to know it can work for OSX! I’m really glad I found this site (via: fpvstockholm.se). I’m getting ready to try to build my first Tricopter – I hope I can ask you for help? Do you get most of your parts from Hobby King? How is the shipping and backorder?
    Thanks for the info!

  2. No problem, that’s what I’m here for. Yes, now I get all my parts from HobbyKing. The shipping is a bit pricy and it does sometimes take a while to come in the mail, especially if something is backordered, but everything does come and that is the important part!

  3. Just about complete with the build of my first tricopter. Excited to try flying something besides the simulator I’ve been practicing on! I’m using the KK2 board as well, and interested in your settings, or at least how the out-of-box settings worked for you.

  4. Well done BusyBee.

    Best LazyZero

  5. Hello, thanks for the revieuw, but can you please publish the settings for the kk 2 board and a tricopter.


  6. I just got my KK2 with V1.2. I am just bench testing it now but I can’t get it to tell me the correct voltage on the SAFE screen. It always shows ” Battery: 0.0 volts “. Now I only have the 5v BEC connected to M1 and M2 for the servo on M4 (in Tricopter mode). How is this thing going to know the full voltage of the 3s battery with only the 5v BEC connected? Please tell me what I am missing.

  7. I am still dialing in the tricopter for the optimal settings. Try to keep the gains as low as you can, while still being able to fly. I’m sorry for the log wait, I will post them soon.

  8. enjoyed your tricopter demo very much and picked up some good points.i dont know if you can help,but i would be very gratefull if its attall possible. i purchased a kk2 board ver 1.2 from hobbyking allong with a flat pack wood frame 680mm. motors are 1200 emax cf2822 and 20 amp s/controlers.some one gave me some rough settings,but its quiet wild. i have alltered settings about in the p and i gain,but before i crash it,i would like to get some better settings. my props are 208×114 or 8×4 transmitter is a spectrum DX6i using 50% dual rates. Hope you can help,carry on with the good work,have a good christmas and new year,Derrick (UK)

  9. Derrick,
    The stock settings are fine to start out with. Watch this video for the tuning process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7pWroCxL38 As for the radio, I would ad about 50% expo as well, this will make it easier to fly. Hope that helps.


  10. Hi
    I’m new to quadcopters. I’ve got my KK2 from hobby king, also the turnigy talon V2.0 frame(quad), turnigy plush 25A esc’s, NTM 28-26 1000KV motors, 2650ma battery.
    I figured this would be and inexpensive intro to the hobby.
    I didn’t burn new firmware(being a newbie ) and your right the copter went nuts. Always trying to turn over. Also I noticed that not all the motors would spin up at idle. I’ve got the USB link on order and waiting for arrival before I attempt anymore flying, or break anything.
    I also quickly realized you don’t want to attempt maiden flight in the dinning room. Lol
    My questions:
    Is the new version of firmware 1.5?
    How do I dial in the board?
    Where do I get a good reference for , PI
    I read it was developed in the 1940 to be used as ship auto navigation .
    How do I know if my esc’s are matched and that the motors are matched, or does that matter? Does the KK2 sense rotor speed and compensate?

    At this point I would just like to grt the thing to hover, maybe with new firmware.
    I’m a RCer for years.
    I see big potential as a photographer. Love to do some aerial shots at our flying field.
    Ron Rustigian

  11. Hi, I just built a tricopter using the “anycopter” center and landing gear. I have a KK2 V1.2, and I am having a very hard time getting the boards settings set, tried several combinations, but still it is hard to control even the auto-level doesn’t give me a stable flight. I am looking forward to seeing what your settings are. My copter is similar to yours without the camera. I will be updating my KK2 board when I get the tool, they said 6 to 8 weeks. Thanks for the great videos.

  12. I ‘m one of many who needs (all) settings for the KK2ver 1.2
    This includes TX and fc bd. Have crashed many times ‘roll’ bar impro has saved Bd. All input data has been for 1.5 set up so duh now that that occurred to me need help with data for my ‘plain’. 1.2 newbie set up
    Any help from anyone who knows the frustration level, I will be most grateful.

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