Firework Detonator Box

Every Fourth of July, my parents, brother, and I drive up to my grandparents house to celebrate the holiday. Well when we light off firework it can be a bit dangerous, so I made this…

This is my home made electronic firework detonator. It is built into a Pelican Storm case and the panel in the front is laser cut acrylic. It has 30 switches so I can individually fire off 30 fireworks. One 9-volt battery is used for the output to the electric fuses, more on that later. The other¬†9-volt battery is used for the lights, it’s hard to see in the picture but there are big, bright LEDs at the bottom of the case, for lighting at night. The wires to the fireworks connect to the standard male/female electronic connectors. At the end of each pair of wires are alligator clips. These connect to the electronic fuse, which is a christmas light filled wilt black powder. When current is passed through the bulb, the filament heats up and the black powder ignites this in turn lights the fuse for the firework. I won’t be showing how I made it in much detail but I am working on a video for the build so look out for that.

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6 thoughts on “Firework Detonator Box

  1. what componants do i need

    and can you put a wiring step by step guide on here please

    many thanks

  2. Pretty much any switches you have lying around and a 9-volt battery. For the part that goes on the firework it is a christmas light with black powder in it. I have a few more blog post to put up but I will post a wiring diagram.

  3. when the diagram going to be put up with the rest of the posts

  4. I am sorry for how long this is taking, I have one more post to do and then the diagram will be up.

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