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Maker Trainer 2 – Kit



The Maker Trainer 2 Kit accompanies the Maker Hangar 2 series and supplies all of the hardware to assemble the plane. You will have to supply your own foam and electronics but this plane is still very inexpensive. The Maker Trainer 2 can be used for FPV or just having fun while flying a small, acrobatic, and easy to fly airplane.

Electronics Are Not Included


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Kit Includes:

  • 3D Printed Motor Mount
  • 6 – 3D Printed Control Horns
  • 4 – M2.5x8mm Bolt
  • 4 – M2.5 Nuts
  • 5 – 0.047” Push Rods
  • 5 – Easy Connectors for Push Rods

Electronics Are Not Included

You Will Also Need:

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International Parts

Download all files related to the Maker Trainer 2; such as Printer Ready PDF Plans and Full Sheet PDF Plans, here:



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